We are a family in love with the German Shepherd.

From very childhood I have always had contact with this wonderful breed.

My first German shepherds (my parents´ dogs) Mori and Zar with their intelligence, balance, defense of the family, their beauty and expressiveness imprinted me so much that has always accompanied me.

My wife and me started as fans, enjoying and suffering, to understand this amazing world.

With the help of really good breeders who love German Shepherd and altruistic of their knowledge, who put at my disposal everything needed to discover what was a really German Shepherd, I gave the step from amateur to professional breeder.

Thank you very much to PACO (TERRA D'ANTOA) and JESUS (ONUBA) for your unfailing support.

To further expand knowledge we decided to travel and meet the best breeders in the world with some of them we are now wonderful friends and we have learned a lot from them.

Grupo Undanet